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Hialeah Private Investigators, Hialeah Investigators, Hialeah Private InvestigatorsHialeah Private Investigators

Hialeah private investigators – investigadores privados and Hialeah private detectives – specialize in surveillance, marital infidelity, missing persons, cheating spouses, background checks, locate missing persons. Our PI Agency is entrusted as one of the most reliable and professional licensed private detective agency in Hialeah. ( Agencia de servicios de detectives privados Hialeah Fl )

Our Hialeah private investigators and PI detective staff have many years of private detective service, video surveillance and investigation service experience in civil, criminal, insurance fraud and marital infidelity investigations. Our private investigation agency is has affiliate private investigators in Hialeah and Hialeah Gardens area.

Think twice before you hire a Hialeah private detective agency with little experience. Make sure the private eye you hire uses legal detective services on your private investigation case. Our PI’s obtain and gather all investigative information, background record searches, and background record checks, video surveillance services, due diligence or photography evidence. All data obtained on your domestic, civil, insurance or corporate case will be investigated in a discreet way.

Our Hialeah PI agency assists with many types of private investigations including spousal surveillance, investigate cheating spouses, marital infidelity, civil investigations, employee background checks, personal injury investigation, insurance fraud investigations, GPS Vehicle Tracking and more. has experienced and trusted Hialeah Private Detectives. Our Hialeah Detective Agency has licensed investigators assists private citizens, spouses, family lawyers, insurance defense attorneys, personal injury attorneys, workers compensation lawyers, insurance companies, corporations and other Hialeah Detective Agencies in civil, criminal, corporate, domestic and personal cases. Our Hialeah detectives also investigate persons, corporations, cheating spouses, employees and individuals for many types of cases. Call our licensed private detective agency online and get the facts.

Our Hialeah Detectives can assist conduct skip traces and missing person searches when you need to locate a person, locate lost persons, find people, locate a persons employer, video surveillance services throughout Hialeah and Hialeah Gardens. Hialeah Private Investigators can investigate a person and conduct Hialeah  background checks with minor information such as a first name, prior address, cell phone number, land line telephone number, vehicle tag number, last known address, reverse number trace, unpublished number trace, or any other search on a person. Hialeah detectives and PI’s can also provide database background check investigations online, trace cellular phone numbers, trace land line phones and other investigative services to prove, theft, infidelity, marital infidelity, cheating spouse, child neglect, domestic violence, vandalism and other investigative service.


A Hialeah private investigator can perform a background check on business partner, neighbor, tenant, friend, employee, a Cheating Wife, Unfaithful Spouse, Cheating Husband, Unfaithful husband and other civil, corporate, criminal, matrimonial and domestic investigations. Hialeah Private Investigators from our Detective Agency specialize in: investigate marital affairs, bug detection, tscm, Hialeah workers compensation investigations, personal injury, home debugging, electronic counter measures, marital infidelity, cheating spouses, domestic investigation, Hialeah investigations, infidelity surveillance, criminal background checks, pre employment screening and other investigations.

The following services are some of the most common requested services available from the detectives in Hialeah & our Hialeah Private Investigation Agency:

If you suspect a cheating spouse or think your spouse is committing infidelity you may be correct. Dealing with infidelity, adultery or spouse cheaters is a difficult marriage issue for most people. The signs of infidelity at home may be too obvious. Spousal investigations, spousal surveillance and marital investigations may be the proper thing to do when suspecting infidelity and adultery. When ever you believe your spouse is being unfaithful or having an affair with another person you should consider Private Investigation Services conducted by our Hialeah Cheating spouse investigators and marital video surveillance experts. Our cheaters detective agency knows that the worst thing a spouse, lover, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner can go through is to suspect marital infidelity. 

Follow your instinct, investigate marital infidelity, obtain video proof, photography evidence and confirm doubts of marital infidelity in your marriage or relationship. We have licensed Hialeah Private Investigators, Hialeah Infidelity Investigators, Hialeah Detectives and video surveillance detectives that can investigate a spouse to detect infidelity affairs in the marriage. Hire a south Hialeah Private Investigator for infidelity cases, hire spousal surveillance investigators now. Let our Hialeah private detective agency investigate marital affair. Our Hialeah Private Investigation Agency has licensed PI’s that will deliver the truth. Our Marital Investigation Services is affordable. All evidence gathering and investigative services are confidential.

It is a fact that Hialeah Cheaters tend to be unpredictable thus usually make their spouse feel paranoid. Investigating a cheating spouse is what our Hialeah Investigators do best. Marital infidelity services, domestic investigations, child custody investigations and other Hialeah private detectives services are available in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Palm Beach and south Hialeah area. No other Hialeah Detective Agencies can investigate infidelity like our website Online PI. Investigate cheating spouse with our professional detective agency. Our prvt detectives and infidelity investigators and detectives are experts in child custody, marriage cases and domestic investigation. Common civil and domestic services our south Hialeah Detective Agency conducts include: infidelity investigations, pre marital investigation, pre-marital investigations, checkmate investigations, marital infidelity, insurance fraud, claim fraud, personal injury and work comp investigation. We bust all Hialeah cheating spouses, cheating husbands, cheating wives and unfaithful spouse who have affairs in the relationship or marriage.

If you feel the need to obtain the truth, need proof of infidelity, or proof of cheating to win in court, a Hialeah Private Investigator or licensed detective from our firm can help. Our Hialeah infidelity investigation company will gather evidence by way of video surveillance services, spousal surveillance services, pre-marital investigations, marital background checks, Audio Surveillance,  record searches and other discreet and confidential due diligence services.

Stop matrimonial problems or marital infidelity today before it gets worst. Do not trust other Hialeah private detective agencies or Hialeah private investigators who are not marital infidelity experts like our Hialeah detectives are. Our Hialeah Detective agency is licensed and insured. Our private eyes (detective’s privados – investigadores privados) have extensive experience in matrimonial investigations and investigating infidelity to catch cheaters and detect adultery fast with effective infidelity investigation service techniques. Our PI’s and Hialeah Investigators use hidden cameras, GPS vehicle trackers, person tracking devices, home surveillance cameras and other high tech surveillance equipment. Our office may install hidden cameras at home or office.  We help you stop the cheating with our infidelity surveillance evidence, video proof, get proof of cohabitation, child custody investigation and due diligence services. Before you hire a family divorce attorney, Hialeah Divorce Attorney, Hialeah Family lawyer, marriage counselor or psychologist regarding your matrimonial infidelity case…call our undercover detectives. Our Hialeah private investigators have years of experience investigating spouses with videotape proof, photographs or undercover hidden video tape documentation of the marital infidelity.


Other Hialeah detective services for cheating spouses and marital infidelity include; Electronic counter measures, Cohabitation Investigation , home Debugging Services , Bug Detection, Bug Sweeps , Install Covert Cameras , Install Hidden Cameras, Online Vehicle Tracking , proof of cohabitation , Unfaithful spouse surveillance , Hialeah  Cheating Investigation , GPS Spouse Tracking, photography, Pre Marriage Investigation and other Marital investigations to detect signs of infidelity by our cheaters detectives agency. Contact our Hialeah Infidelity Private Investigators for matrimonial infidelity services and advice on extramarital affairs. Our detectives have information on marital infidelity, pre marital investigation, adultery investigation and more. Hire our investigators for spousal surveillance, child custody investigation, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Workers Compensation, Employee Investigations, Undercover Operations, Hidden Cameras, Surveillance Products, security camera installation or any other domestic investigation services in Miami.

A Hialeah marital investigator (detective infidelidad) will provide free info. Our PI and surveillance rates are very affordable...hire our Hialeah Private detectives today. Our investigators and consultants can get you the truth you expect like no other Hialeah Detective companies will match.


Our Hialeah Detective Agency may also investigate insurance claims investigations. Our detectives investigate fraud cases for insurance carriers, insurance defense attorneys to determine worker's compensation claims fraud, personal injury claims fraud, auto accident claims fraud and other fraudulent claims. Our Fraud Private Detectives investigate claims through our insurance defense investigation services, video surveillance and due diligence service.

Hialeah Fraud Investigations include; claimant background investigation, video surveillance on claimant, casualty surveillance, claims activity checks and covert neighborhood canvass. Our undercover operatives investigate claim fraud for insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys. Our Hialeah Insurance claim Investigators investigate for Hialeah personal injury attorneys and Hialeah workers compensation lawyers. Our Fl private detectives investigate workers’ comp fraud, bodily injury, auto accident claims,  Hialeah  Bodily Injury Claims, Personal Injury Investigations, back injury investigations, personal injury claims, auto injury claims, work related accidents, slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents , past employment verification, neighborhood Interviews, staged accident investigations or database record searches on your insurance fraud case.

Our Hialeah Insurance Defense investigators have experience in personal injury and workers' compensation investigation services and investigate false claims for insurance defense law firms, Hialeah insurance defense attorneys, personal injury lawyers, work comp attorney, Hialeah 's workers' compensation attorney’s , claims risk managers and Hialeah  insurance adjusters. Our Hialeah Investigators investigate car accidents, investigate auto injury, PIP injury claims, motorcycle crashes, slip and fall, dog bite claims, trip and fall, nursing home abuse claims, and all Hialeah personal injury cases.

Hialeah Insurance Claims Investigation Services
Our Hialeah private investigators provide casualty surveillance services for the following types of claims: (investigadores privados Hialeah)

  • Hialeah Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Hialeah Auto Accident Claims
  • Hialeah Automobile Theft Liability
  • Hialeah Disability Claims
  • Hialeah Personal Injury Investigators
  • Hialeah Claims Subrogation
  • Hialeah Bodily Injury Claims
  • Hialeah Attorney Litigation Support

Hialeah Claims Investigations Services
Hialeah Claim Investigation Service Detectives investigate :

  • Hialeah Accident Scene Investigation
  • Hialeah Auto Accident Claims Investigation
  • Hialeah Recorded Statements
  • Hialeah Written Statements
  • Locate Witnesses
  • Locate Missing Claimants
  • Auto Liability Claims Miami
  • Slip and Fall Investigations Miami
  • Hialeah Bodily Injury Claims Investigation
  • Alive and Well Checks
  • Alive and Well Interviews
  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations
  • Life and health Claims
  • Hialeah Disability Investigations
  • Hialeah Activity Checks
  • Workmans Comp Surveillance Investigators
  • Hialeah Personal Injury Investigation
  • Property Claims Hialeah
  • Hialeah Scene Reconstruction
  • Hialeah Video surveillance
  • Hialeah Insurance Fraud Sub-Rosa
  • Video Tape, Still Photograph
  • Hialeah Expert Witness testimony
  • Hialeah Surveillance photographs - photography
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation Services Hialeah


Hialeah Investigations Services – Detectives Privados Hialeah


All undercover Hialeah  Investigators use state of the art surveillance equipment, body worn hidden cameras, surveillance vehicles and other spy surveillance equipment to provide clients with evidence. Other Hialeah private investigators and cannot offer the service quality that our Hialeah Detective agency can. Let our company investigate your claims case today.

Our Hialeah Detectives also handle some of the following types of cases:

Hialeah Insurance Claims Investigations – Hialeah Marital Infidelity Investigations, Cheating Spouses, Matrimonial Surveillance, Hialeah Insurance Claims Investigator – Hialeah Private Investigator – Hialeah Insurance Fraud Investigations – Hialeah Casualty Claims Surveillance – Hialeah Workmans Comp Investigator -  Hialeah Personal Injury Surveillance – Hialeah Personal Injury Detectives



Do you think your home, office, business or car are being bugged by someone ? Our Hialeah Private Investigators conduct (TSCM) Technical Surveillance Counter Measures also known as bog sweeps ( bug detection ) Electronic Bug sweeps to detect electronic eavesdropping, surveillance devices, bugs, wiretaps, covert cameras, audio surveillance, hidden microphones and detection of hidden cameras. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) at our Hialeah Detective agency is best for detecting and Bug-sweeping telephones, phone lines, telephone bug wiretaps, detecting bugging devices, detecting electronic bugs, locating hidden cameras, audio surveillance and bug-sweep services.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Our Hialeah Private Investigators conduct Hialeah Bug Detection Services and inspect or sweep your residence, auto or business to locate or detect hidden bugs, telephone line bugs , covert hidden cameras, audio surveillance, wiretaps and other spy surveillance products and covert devices. Hialeah Private Investigators use hi-tech wire tap detection equipment, bug detection equipment, bug sweeping equipment, electronic bug sweeping detection and other bug sweeping services and products available at our Hialeah detective agency and spy shops.

Our Hialeah spy shop retails surveillance and counter surveillance products that detect electronic espionage , phone taps, bug detection, eaves dropping equipment, GPS vehicle tracking device, covert spy equipment and other bug tapping or hidden microphones planted in your home or vehicle.

Hialeah Private Investigations and investigators also inspect vehicles for real Time GPS Vehicle Trackers, Car GPS Trackers, Passive GPS Vehicle Trackers, data loggers, hidden mics, hidden cameras, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, TSCM Electronic De-Bugging Service
And other debugging services in Hialeah and Miami .  

Call our investigators now for services in Miami and south Florida. Our Hialeah Detective agency can investigate infidelity, cheating spouses, insurance fraud and other investigation services.

Llamanos para detectives privados en Hialeah. Nuestra empresa de investigación privada Hialeah tiene éxito probado en servicios de detectives privados, guardias de seguridad,  guardaespaldas y mas. Proveemos varios tipos de investigaciónes privadas en Hialeah, Miami-Dade y Broward county . Nuestros detectives y investigadores en Hialeah tienen la capacidad de proveeer servicios de vigilancia, servicios de investigación matrimonial, infidelidad, videovigilancia, guardias de seguridad, adulterio, localizacion de personas, ratreo de GPS por Internet, guard espaldas armados, servicios de proteccion personal VIP, servicios de patrullas, servicio de vigilancias , seguridad electronica, camaras de seguridad, camaras de vigilancia, patrullaje, GPS rastreo vehicular, localizador sattelital, CCTV por internet, monitoreo remoto, Ciurcuito Serrado de seguridad y vigilancia privada en Hialeah. Nuestra empresa de Hialeah detectives privados y compania de guardias de seguridad proveen Video electrónico y sistemas de CCTV, camaras ocultas y otros productos de vigilancia.

Llame a nuestros asesores de investigación en Hialeah y Hialeah Gardens Florida:










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