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Do you need to hire Miami Private Investigators, Miami Security Guards or Private Detective Services in your state? We are the premier source for Private Investigator Service, Security Guard Services, Video Surveillance Service , Body Guard Services , GPS Vehicle Trackers , CCTV security Systems & CCTV Surveillance Cameras.

Miami Private Investigators, Miami Investigators, Miami Detectives


Miami Private Investigators, Miami Investigators, Miami Detectives is a Private Investigation Agency and Security Company offering security guard services, private investigation, CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems, due diligence, patrol services, Florida background checks, bodyguards, commercial security and personal protection services. Our licensed Private Investigators and Miami Detectives are hired for video surveillance, attorney services, insurance fraud, personal injury, insurance case defense, Infidelity Investigation and more. Our uniformed security guard division is contracted & Residential & commercial security, special event security, unarmed / armed guards, Mobil patrol, Plainclothes Security, Construction Site Security & more in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Florida & other states.


Customized security and detective services for private citizens, executives, businesses, homes, residential communities, attorney firms, dignitaries & other Miami detective agencies or security companies in Florida, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach County and nationwide through affiliate security guard companies. Get expert advice from our professional security consultants in personal protection, corporate protection, & background checks. Our security agency, private detective staff, security consultants & body guards are licensed to provide ; Retail Store Security Guard Services, commercial security, GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices, domestic or marital infidelity investigation, child custody investigation, Cheating spouse investigations , Entertainment Security, Security Camera Installations and covert hidden cameras installed in home, office, business, job – work, warehouse facility, vehicle or property.  Install or buy GPS tracking Products, Vehicle trackers and personal trackers in efforts to locate monitor and track assets, people, spouses, company fleets and vehicles online via our GPS tracking website.

An unparalleled level of professionalism, job training, experience & Integrity are just some of the many attributes that sets our private detective agency apart from other security guard companies and detective agencies. Online PI has private security officers and undercover private investigators who respond. 

Miami Private Investigators, Miami Investigators, Miami Detectives
Florida security services include: Uniformed Security, Unarmed guards, Home / Residential Guard Security, home patrolling services, Infidelity Private Investigations , Video Surveillance, special event security, Remote Surveillance Services, Business Alarm Response and Dispatch, Condominium Gatehouse security, concierges, Venue Event Staffing, labor Dispute Protection & work place violence. We also retail and wholesale Security Guard Supplies, security guard uniforms, self defense products, spy surveillance products, CCTV surveillance equipment and GPS tracking equipment. Other services in Miami and other states include Estate & Yacht Security, vehicle patrols and foot or mobile patrolling. Plainclothes security officers or uniformed guards are also contracted for special events, hotels, warehouses, homes, businesses, condos, private venues, apartment buildings, restaurants, night clubs or other properties in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Palm Beach County, south Florida and other states. Personal Bodyguards and VIP protection agents are useful for undercover protection services, dignitary protection, and celebrity protection or secure transportation escorts.

Our Private Detective Services also assists with Expert Testimony and Litigation Support Services for attorneys regarding Security negligence cases, slip and falls, Premises Liability & Claims investigations which involve: Hotel, Restaurant, Parking Lot, Night Club, Community, condominium, Bar, Sub-division, Warehouse facility, business, Office Building, shopping mall, retail store or private organization. Our security staff has security consultants and private detectives with many years of experience & security guard training. Our PI’s assist in private investigation jobs such as due diligence, cheating spouses, marital infidelity, adultery, spousal surveillance, criminal background searches, insurance fraud claims, personal injury, workers compensation surveillance and other private investigations. Our detective operatives can Investigate marital infidelity, investigate insurance claim, and investigate cheating spouse or any person. Our job is to catch cheaters, claimants or criminals with professional protection and investigative service. 

Online PI .com has licensed security officers & Private detectives skilled in commercial and personal protection. Our security consultants posses extensive security guard training & experience in the following types of security services : Residential Security, Commercial and Event Security, personal Bodyguarding, VIP Protection, Personal Protection, executive protection, Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures - Bug Sweeps (Bug Detection), secure escort service, private security consulting, mobile or vehicle patrols, retail store security, loss prevention & retail store detective. Our staff has many years of security, law enforcement & Private Investigation job training. Our insurance defense private investigators have extensive personal injury and workers' compensation investigation experience and can investigate false claims, or fraud cases for many insurance defense law firms, insurance defense attorneys, personal injury lawyers, Florida's workers' compensation attorney’s offices, claims risk managers and adjusters. We investigate car accidents, auto injury, PIP injury, motorcycle crashes, slip and fall, dog bite claims, trip and fall, nursing home abuse claims, and all personal injury cases. If you are a claims adjuster, third party administrator, work comp attorney, employer or Insurance Company…call our security agency now for affordable private detective services. We will investigate an insurance claimant or investigate workers compensation claimant with claim surveillance services, witness statements, recorded or written statement, activity checks or due diligence. Our Miami Florida Investigators will document & confirm your doubts. We are the Florida security and investigation experts.  If you are a private individual, corporation, insurance carrier, spouse or personal injury lawyer…our security and private detective services can help investigate injury cases and investigate accident cases.

Need security guard services, uniformed guard officers or CCTV surveillance cameras installed at your home or company in Miami or south Florida? Our security camera installers can install surveillance cameras at home or your company. Hire our security company for security guard patrolling, residential security, retail store security, undercover surveillance, infidelity private detectives, loss prevention, undercover store detectives, shoplifting investigators, VIP protection, bodyguards, alarm response and retail CCTV security cameras. Our private security Agency, staff and bilingual security consultants offer licensed security guards, private bodyguards and pro VIP bodyguarding and uniformed officers with patrolling & security guard job experience. Hire VIP protection agents or detectives on a temporary or permanent basis. Call our security firm for info on hiring a private investigator or security consulting services for your protection and safety.

Our Miami Florida private investigation agency is also a Miami Florida Security Company that assists private individuals, corporations, property managers, attorneys and high profile figures with their cases & protection. Miami Private Investigators at Online Pi .com work with plaintiff and defense firms. Attorneys hire private detectives for criminal defense investigations, civil investigations, domestic cases, divorce, child custody, child neglect cases and matrimonial investigation services. We get the facts and evidence needed for your trial or case. Our security agency has licensed investigators that assist Florida personal injury attorneys, insurance defense adjusters, criminal lawyers, Florida workers’ compensation attorneys and insurance companies with their private investigation cases.  

Our Florida private investigation agency assist attorneys with attorney support services, litigation support, locating witnesses, find current addresses, find phone numbers, find relatives, locate missing persons, witness statements, sworn statement,  Interviewing & statement taking,  GPS Tracking Services, GPS Tracking Systems & more.

Our security consultants and Miami Florida Private Investigators can investigate and work for you. Other investigation services our Miami Security Company offers includes; complete background checks, national comprehensive report, database record searches, video surveillance, Litigation and legal support, Investigations of Claim, Evidence Photographs - photography,  Trial Exhibits, Expert Witness Statements, insurance claim statements, covert surveillance, Background Investigations, spousal surveillance, Miami Security Guards, undercover operations, cheating spouse surveillance, infidelity surveillance, spousal infidelity investigation, investigate cheaters, child custody and support investigations, personal security, GPS Tracking Device, Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, bug sweeps, Child neglect, adultery detective, body guards, Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect, Attorney Services , Accident Investigations, Cheating Spouse Investigations, fraud investigations, Identity Theft Investigation , computer security,  Investigative Interviewing, Loss Prevention, Computer Monitoring Software , Criminal Investigation , Fraud Investigations, Insurance Claims Investigations, Workers' Comp Fraud, Motorcycle Accidents,  Wrongful Death, Personal Injury Investigations , Mystery Shopping, infidelity spousal surveillance and more in Miami Florida or your state.

Searches and services offered by our Miami Detective Agency & Miami Private Investigators include; cellular phone trace, unpublished number searches, Due Diligence, skip tracing, Pre-Employment Screenings, locating lost family or Friend, Phone Number Searches, Nanny Checks, Tenant and Roommate Checks, security camera installation, Sexual Offender Searches, Civil Investigation & Miami Body Guards. We also provide unarmed / armed security guards, residential patrol, Miami Executive Protection, CCTV Security Systems and covert surveillance.

Is your spouse unfaithful, acting suspicious, having an affair or cheating? Our Miami Detectives and Private Investigation Agency can investigate cheating spouses and investigate cheaters with our checkmate or cheating investigation services. We investigate cheating wives, husbands, lovers, partners, boyfriends or girlfriends. Our PI’s conduct undercover assignments for adultery Infidelity Investigations, unfaithful spouses, spousal surveillance, husband - wife cheating, marital, domestic, child custody or corporate investigation cases. Our Miami Private Investigators have many effective ways to determine inconsistencies in a spouses or cheaters behavior to verify and discover the affair in your marriage. Let Florida Infidelity private investigators and Miami Private Detectives investigate marriage infidelity, cheating and verify signs of infidelity with our still photography evidence, spousal video surveillance, GPS Tracking products, and other detective service used in most marriage and divorce cases. Verify if your spouse or significant other is cheating. With the help of a family divorce attorney – Divorce lawyer or one of our Miami Florida infidelity private investigators at our Florida private investigation agency can provide evidence. 

Our Insured & Licensed Florida Private Investigators and security guard officers provide a spectrum of security and investigation services not found
in other guard companies and Miami Private Detective Agencies.

Miami Security Services include but are not limited to:

Our security guard company offers trained unarmed or armed uniformed security officer’s and tactical protection agents who conduct residential patrolling, gated community security, access control and private protective services for prevention, detection and deterrence of theft, vandalism or safety-related incidents with your family, employees or property. Hire licensed security officers to patrol a home or patrol a business in clearly marked or unmarked patrol vehicles.

If you suspect internal theft by an employee… our agency has bilingual undercover detectives, investigators and security agents that specialize in retail loss prevention, retail theft investigations & retail video surveillance. Our security guard officers & private detectives can work undercover detective jobs at your suspected store, warehouse or workplace to uncover employee theft. Hidden surveillance video cameras, CCTV security systems and Video surveillance cameras may also be installed.

Hire private detective or a private security officer from the leading Miami security service provider offering: domestic investigations, corporate investigation, retail security, static security, alarm response, warehouse security, mobile patrolling, construction site security, VIP protection, close protection, apartment building security, executive protection, personal protection & CCTV Surveillance Products. Our security company also delivers personal security for private parties, sports figures, VIP or entertainment venues, concert, maritime, aviation, special events and more. We specialize in private investigation or security service jobs. Our agency retails and may install surveillance cameras, surveillance products, CCTV Security Cameras at your home or business. Hire Miami security agency for safety & protective solutions.

Our Miami security company is now hiring security guards in
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Broward County & south Florida!

Our Miami Security Agency is hiring security guard D & G License Instructors in Miami Dade & Broward Trabajo de Security - Empleo de guardias de seguridad en Miami e instructores de seguridad. Miami Security Company offering private security services in Miami and Broward is seeking licensed security guard officers with D license for growth opportunities in our Miami security Agency. Our agency is also looking for security guard “D” & “G” instructors – “K” License Instructors and Broward County for Miami Security Guard School for D and G Guard Classes. Call our Miami Security Guard Company now. Security guard job applicants must have their own transportation for most patrolling, bodyguarding or security guard employment positions. Our company has full-time and part-time security guard jobs and bodyguard jobs available. Call our Private security firm for info on Miami security guard class and training.

OnlinePI. com es una empresa de seguridad privada (private security) y investigación privada que provee servicios de seguridad personal, guardias uniformados, detectives privados, guardaespaldas, guardias de seguridad internacionales, camaras ocultas y video vigilancia por internet. Somos una compania de seguridad privada y investigadores privados con licencia y seguro que brinda servicios de seguridad y consejo de seguridad en Miami Florida y otros estados.

Nuestra compañía de seguridad tiene personal de seguridad con en varios tipos de investigaciones privadas o servicio de seguridad en Florida incluyendo servicios de seguridad con guardias uniformados – con uniforme , video vigilancia, protección personal, protección VIP ,  servicios de guarda espaldas, servicios de patrullas, porteros, servicio de vigilancia, protección personal Miami, escoltas, servicio de VIP, guardias armados, guardias no armados y oficiales de seguridad licenciados para protejer personas, casas y propiedades, seguridad comercial, industrial, seguridad para centros comerciales, hoteles, tiendas, oficinas, club nocturno, bares, guardias de seguridad para apartamentos y edificios.

Ademas, nuestra agencia de seguridad en Miami provee guardias armadas, guardias sin armas, seguridad residencial, cámaras de seguridad, cámaras de vigilancia, custodia y traslado de valores, transporte privado en Miami, patrullaje, GPS rastreo vehicular, localizador satelital, CCTV por internet, monitoreo remoto, Circuito Serrado de seguridad, Servicio de custodia vip y vigilancia privada en Miami Florida. Nuestra empresa de seguridad / security vende seguridad electrónica, sistema de Video electrónico, sistemas CCTV de vigilancia y seguridad para su casa, negocio o empresa.

Empresa de seguridad en Florida con consultores de seguridad y investigadores privados / detectives privados para servicios de vigilancia, servicios de investigación privada, vigilancia, seguimiento por GPS, seguridad o guardaespalda.  Asesores de seguridad en Miami, Ciudad de México, Venezuela, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Costa Rica, República dominicana, Michigan, Santo Domingo, América Latina, Europa y el Caribe, Sur America, Latin America y Norte America.

Consultaría y servicios de seguridad, guardaespaldas y protección VIP privada como:
Seguridad Personal, VIP, Residencial, Servicio de Guardaespaldas, Escoltas privados, Proteccion personal Miami, Guardias de seguridad, Seguridad para ejecutivos , Transportacion ejecutiva , Entrenamiento de Guardias de seguridad y guardaespaldas

Tenemos personal de seguridad ( security guards ), que provee servicios de seguridad para eventos privados, establecimientos exclusivos, fiestas privadas, alfombras roja,  clubes y residencias….Servicio de detective confidencial.

Feel free to contact our Florida private investigators or security
consultant online via our private detective website.

Online PI provides professional security services and is known for: surveillance, infidelity investigation, computer forensics, security camera installations, nanny cameras, auto accidents, truck accidents, Miami private investigations, south Florida investigations, Florida insurance investigations, work related accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, dog bites, Florida child abuse investigations, product liability, wrongful death, locate missing persons in Florida, Florida background checks , nursing home negligence, and all personal injury related accidents. Miami Florida private investigators and our Florida private detectives company is also known for Miami surveillance, locate missing persons , Miami debugging, services, Security Guard, Florida workers compensation surveillance, Florida investigations, infidelity investigations, electronic counter measures, home debugging, Florida workplace surveillance, marriage infidelity surveillance,  Miami security consultants, Miami security guard company, background checks, pre-employment screening, GPS Auto Tracking, Car Tracking Systems, GPS Fleet Tracking Systems, GPS Tracking Devices and other security products.

Call a Florida private investigator or hire south Florida private investigator today. Our Florida private investigators and security agency assist with: Florida missing persons investigations, background investigations, background investigations Florida, background investigations national, Florida body guard, electronic countermeasures Miami, GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices, Internet Vehicle Tracking, personal injury investigation Miami, personal injury investigation Florida, Miami personal injury investigations, Miami VIP protection, Florida VIP protection, Miami body guards, Florida body guards, Miami VIP body guards, executive body guards, Miami surveillance, Florida surveillance, Florida legal investigators, insurance defense investigations, insurance defense investigator, Florida insurance defense investigators, obtain witness statements.

Our Miami Spy Shop website offers wholesale surveillance equipment, audio surveillance equipment; body worn hidden cameras, CCTV video surveillance cameras, covert hidden cameras, nanny cameras, voice changers and telephone surveillance equipment. Other Spy products and supplies at our Miami Spy Shop include; hidden nanny cams, GPS Internet Tracking, bug sweep services, bug detectors, micro DVRs, phone tap detectors, spy software, digital phone recorders, wireless and wired CCTV surveillance cameras, and GPS vehicle Trackers…Visit our Florida Spy Shops & buy spy surveillance products or gadgets.

PI keywords: Florida private investigators, Florida Security guards, Miami private investigations, Miami Security guard Services, Florida private detectives, Florida fraud investigators, Florida security consultants, Security Service consultant, insurance fraud investigators, Florida insurance claims investigations,  Florida accident lawyer, Florida debugging services , domestic infidelity investigators, Commercial Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Tracking Systems , workers’ compensation private investigators, GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices, Vehicle GPS Satellite Tracking, Fleet Vehicle Tracking, cheating spouse investigations, infidelity surveillance, Florida worker's compensation investigation, , Florida fraud investigations, infidelity surveillance, Florida security consultants, background checks, pre-employment screening,  Florida workers’ compensation lawyer, spousal surveillance, Florida marital surveillance, due diligence investigations, workers’ compensation investigations & more.

Among other cities, our security and detective company – Online PI provides security services in: Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Aventura , Bal Harbour , Bal Harbor, Boca Raton , Boynton Beach , Coconut Creek , Coconut Grove , Cooper city , Coral Gables , Coral Springs , Cutler Bay, Cutler Ridge , Dania, Davie , Deerfield Beach , Doral, Fort Lauderdale , Fort Myers , Fort Pierce , Hallandale Beach , Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Hollywood Florida, Homestead , Kendall , Key Biscayne , Key Largo , Key West , Lake Worth , Lauderdale-by-the-Sea , Lauderhill , LeHigh Acres, Margate , Medley, Miami Beach , Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes , Miami Springs , Miramar , North Bay Village , Parkland Fl, North Miami Beach , North Palm Beach , Opa Locka , South Florida , West Palm Beach , Pembroke Pines , Perrine , Pinecrest, Port Saint Lucie, South Miami , Miami Design District, Wynwood, South Beach , Sunny Isles Beach , Surfside , Weston, Wilton Manors, Tamarac, Florida City. Find Florida Investigators or Miami Detectives to search Florida Background History, criminal histories, Prior histories and other Due Diligence Investigation Services or free record searches in Florida or USA.
Our Miami Detective Agency also provides Florida Criminal Records, backgrounds, bodyguarding, security guards and private investigations service in Miami Dade  , Pompano ,Lighthouse point, Cape Coral, Carol City, Clearwater, Clermont, Clewiston, Delray Beach, Goulds, Green acres Hobe Sound Islamorada Jacksonville Florida Jupiter Kissimmee Lakeland Lantana Lauderdale Lakes Leisure City Marathon Key Marco Island Naples North Fort Myers. Hire Private Investigator or security guard services in Palm Beach Gardens, North Lauderdale Sarasota Oakland Park Orlando Palm Bay Tallahassee Pompano Beach Sunrise, Plantation Southwest Ranches, Parkland and Tampa Fl.

Contract security guard providers online. Our Miami detective and security guard company also offers private investigations, Real Time Vehicle Tracking and guard services through our affiliate security guard companies in Miami, Puerto Rico, New York, Los Angeles, California, Dominica, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Antigua, Anguilla, Aruba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama, Belize and Mexico D.F
Other Cities, States & counties our security agency & Miami Detectives provide Private Investigation Services – GPS vehicle Tracking Products, CCTV Security cameras, patrol officers, Spy Surveillance Products, insurance defense investigations, personal injury investigators, Background Checks Florida, Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale , West Palm Beach , NJ, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, NY, NYC, New York City, Chicago, Indiana, Indianapolis, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, NC, North Carolina, OH, OK, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, Arizona, Phoenix, Arkansas, California, LA, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Colorado, Connecticut , Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Georgia , Idaho, Illinois, Boston, Michigan, Detroit, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, NV, Nevada, NH, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin , US United States and nationwide. Contact our Florida security company for bodyguard and private detective services in your local area.

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